Little Lightnings!


Registration is open!

Learn to Skate Parent and Tot Program

This program is designed for Parents and Children to learn basic skating skills together. Its hard to teach something you don’t know, but it sure is fun to learn together!

This is a fantastic opportunity for parents who have limited skating experience to come out with your child and learn the basics in a safe and fun environment while spending quality time together. The main focus will be on the basics; with a little bit of Ringette thrown in – because we truly love this sport and think you’ll find it fantastic too. You can find at “At a Glance” Overview —- > Little Lightning Learn to Skate Program

You can register anytime for the remainder of the season. You and your player will have 5 icetimes where you can both work on your skating skills. Just scroll to the bottom of this page to register!


Our Little Lightning program is designed for younger ages, so we welcome ages 4-8 to join the program with a parent. NO SKATING SKILLS REQUIRED – if you have never even put skates on, this is the program for you! If you are already comfortable on the ice and want to spend time with your child in a group setting, well… This program is for you too!

Are you interested, but your child may be out of this age range? Contact us here or message us on Facebook to find out how we can find the perfect place for them.

THE COST? (what cost?)

The cost of the full program for both Child and Parent is only $99 (additional $20 in adult insurance) That works out to $20.00 per ice time. Additionally, if your player wants to register for the season, we will reduce the registration cost to only $50.00! If you were one of the first to register and received an included gear package, you will have the option to purchase the gear your player has already been wearing at a drastically discounted rate. All together, you and your child will receive 5 weeks of small group classes to get the basics down, then if you choose to register for the season, your player will have 2 ice times a week, plus tournaments, until Mid March


We know that ice sports can be scary to try out because of the big investment in safety gear that you must have before you even set foot on the ice. We want to reduce the barrier to ice sports, so we will be offering full gear sets to borrow for the duration of the program (not including helmet, jock/jill, and skates) to the first 10 registered youth. Ringette safety gear is very similar to hockey safety gear with a few differences, such as the triangle cage we wear on our helmets. This package will include: ringette cage, shoulder pads, elbow pads, chest protector, hockey pants, gloves, neck and shin guards, as well as a ringette stick.

If you already have some gear but may be missing some, we should have some in our lending library to cover all the bases. Safety gear is a requirement to be on the ice, and must be in good, working condition.

Follow this link to see the gear we wear

Still have a couple questions? Maybe… about Ringette?

Of all the questions we get asked, the two most common are:

Isn’t Ringette just female hockey?

NO… if it was it would just be called…hockey. Ringette is a non-contact on ice team sport. We use sticks and rings, pass over blue lines, and eventually play with a 30 second shot clock…which is how it became known as “the fastest game on ice.”

Isn’t Ringette for Girls?

NO! We welcome all genders to join this fantastic sport. The fun and friendships found in ringette last a lifetime… why wouldn’t we want everyone to have a chance to experience that!

For more answers about what is Ringette just head on over the Ringette Canada site here

Are you ready to sign up for this amazing opportunity?

Follow the link below to get to the registration page. Do you have more questions? Need some more information? Send us a message via email to Robyn Cassidy

Or simply message our Facebook page and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.