Welcome to the 2021-2022 Ringette Season

Ringette BC would like to extend a warm welcome back to returning members and welcome to new faces. Ringette BC is hopeful that this season will be a season full of events and competitions, memories, and excitement throughout the province.

After a year of changing on the fly and trying to find new ways to participate while maintaining physical distancing both on and off the ice it is exciting to see that ringette is coming back with games, checking, and handshakes. This season will offer many great opportunities for participants, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Before the season gets underway take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Program Guidelines for Children’s Ringette for FUN 1, FUN 2 and U10, Zone Division Guidelines for U14 to U19, Club Division Guidelines for U12 to U19, and general ringette information. Resources are available to help provide details on what your child’s experience may be.

Program Guidelines

There are multiple guidelines and other resources available that outline what to expect from the season ahead. Want to know more please read the guidelines below for more information about programs and participation streams from Children’s Ringette to Club Ringette to Zone Ringette and Excellence.
In addition to the Guidelines for participation contexts there are criteria based evaluations that will assist with the team formation process in U14, U16, and U19. Criteria based evaluations can be found on the Ringette BC website.


If you are interested in participating in the evaluation process as either an evaluator or supporting volunteer roles please contact your local ringette association for more details on how you can assist.

Volunteers Wanted!

The Ringette community is one that works together and strives to support each other as a sport community. This makes ringette unique and is what separates ringette from other sports. Our community is made up almost entirely of volunteers and it is the tireless efforts of volunteers that keeps our sport functioning.

If you are looking to get involved with your local ringette Association please reach out to your local ringette association and ask how you can get involved to support ringette.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Here is some positions to consider to give you some ideas of how you can get involved.

Volunteers Positions to Consider:

Coaching any level:

  • Coaching is one of the most important and fulfilling positions where individuals can volunteer and involved with ringette.
  • Coaching positions are available from FUNdamentals 1 to U19 and all divisions in between.
  • Coaches are leaders who teach, train, and support ringette athletes at all ages.
  • If you are interested in coaching ringette but don’t know where to begin for training and certification please see the coaching information section below.
Not sure if coaching is the right fit for you? Teams are always need managers, treasurers, fundraisers, and helping hands to keep the team functioning. Helping with additional team duties is a great way to support the coaches so that they can focus on coaching athletes.

Evaluators for Player Evaluations!

Current and former coaches, players and parents who are familiar with ringette a great way to be a volunteer and assist your local ringette association is to assist all local ringette associations with completing player evaluations. Contact your association today. On-ice and off-ice help is needed.

On and off-ice Helpers
Not sure if you are ready to be a coach yet? Consider being an on-ice and off-ice volunteer.

  • Coaches can use extra support especially with younger participants on the ice and off the ice.
  • Raise your hand and let your coaches and Association know that you are there and willing to assist where you can.

Volunteer to help with Ringette Events
Looking to get involve locally within the ringette community a great place to start is with community events like Come Try Ringette or gym ringette.

Volunteer with your Local Ringette Association Board of Directors

  • Local Ringette Associations might have openings and could use some energetic and passionate individuals who are interested in helping to organize ringette in their communities.
  • Board positions that are available to volunteer and include both administrative roles, operational positions, and promotional and outreach positions. Each organization organizes their boards of directors differently; below are some examples of positions that might be available for support from volunteers.
    • Example Administration Positions:
      • Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and President
    • Examples of Operational Positions:
      • Director of Coaching, Referee-in-Chief, Ice Scheduler, Age Division Coordinators, Zone Coordinators, Evaluation Coordinators
    • Examples of Promotions positions:
      • Come Try Ringette Coordinator, Gym Ringette Instructor or Coordinator, Website manager, social media, and promotions coordinator.
Every volunteer is crucial to the success of community sport. Your ringette community wants to hear from you and needs your support to ensure a successful ringette season.

Coaching Certification Information

For information related to coaching certification visit: www.coachingringette.ca for more information or reach out to Ringette BC.

Ringette BC Communications and Social Media

Looking to stay up to date on information related to the ringette season? Visit the Ringette BC Message Board for the most current newsletters and communications from Ringette BC about ringette. Updates include program updates, competition information, and COVID-19 restriction updates.

Follow us on social media.
Check out Ringette BC on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages for more updates and information.

  • Twitter: @bcringette
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/RingetteBC
  • Instagram: @Ringette_BC

Other Relevant Links and Resources

Here are some other helpful links and resources to check out ahead of the season start.

Ringette BC Policies

Ringette BC has additional resources and Policies available including Safe Sport Policies such as Volunteer Screening Policy, Inclusion, Concussion Management, Codes of Conduct, Discipline and Complaints, Harassment and Abuse and Appeals Policy, Social Media Policy and Guidelines.

Ringette BC and our Member Organizations all strive to foster a sport environment that is safe and inclusive and free from harassment, abuse, and maltreatment for all of our participants, volunteers, coaches, officials, and athletes. Ringette BC is pledged to adhere to the Responsible Coaching Movement and adheres to the True Sport Principles of Competition and participation.

True Sport Principles

Ringette BC has pledged to adhere to the True Sport Principles of competition and participation. With the ringette season about to get underway please take moment to refresh yourself on the True Sport Principles. The True Sport Principles are embedded in all codes of conduct with Ringette BC and all Provincial Competitions are hosted as True Sport Events.

Good Luck in 2021-2022

Ringette BC is looking forward to the season ahead and is hopeful that all ringette athletes, coaches, officials, parents and guardians and volunteers come back to the sport community that they know and enjoy.

Good luck in your ringette season! See you at the rink.

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